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Your portraiture style is getting better and better. I have almost nothing to say about her face or the shading, it's too well done. Th...

Excellent, I like the dim lighting of the scenery. Altough it resembles your portraiture style, which I'm not really much into (I liked...

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Game of Thrones Shirt design
Totally forgot to upload this one after I gifted it to my sister on christmas 2016. She loves all the featured characters in the TV show. I could do a better job painting it with brushes in PS, but after my last experience with printing on the shirt, I figured, it looks better when there aren't many colors and the whole design is in vectors. Obviously, due to a lot of gradients, I still ended up with a lot of colors, so next time, I'm just gonna do a regular portraiture, instead of wasting my time on converting hair and beard to vector art (seriously... it's pure madness). I still consider it an interesting piece of art, enough to share it here.

There is a transparent full res version, in case somepony wanted to print it out too, or something...
So, got home, got a call from my boss, what am I doing this afternoon... asked why... If I don't want to create some nice picture that would be put into email for employees of our Faculty Hospital in Olomouc (the place I work at now, as of november 11th)... ideally before X-max... which gave me one whole afternoon, cause the rest of the time I'll spend travelling and resting, obviously... I said I'll see what I can do... And now, y'all can see it too :)

5 hours of painting, had template to follow though, a picture I found somewhere on the web... I believe the keyword I used in google was "beautiful female doctor"? I think I'm finally getting a little bit of a hang of portraiture... or maybe I just got lucky because of the small canvas I decided to work with this time, since it's supposed to go into email, thus there is no need for large size of the image. Everything is easier :)

The official image one goes with some text as well, but since nopony here probably speaks czech... except for very few exceptions :)... I upladed just the background. Oh, the logo in the back is a logo of our hospital in Olomouc... 

WIP image:
CONTOURS - Fashionable Woman Thinking
A little something I did for my side job poster for Contours fitness... 4 hour sketch-portrait of a photo I found on a website... you can google it up by using the title - fashionable woman thinking. I modified clothes a bit, so she looks more "fit" :) Anyway, thought it might be a good idea to post it, since I haven't posted anything lately, due to the mentioned side job responsibilities. 
Queen is dead, long live the King?
Or not dead really... not per say :) But gone again. Man am I glad she didn't turn to be good in the end. We are running out of evil characters after all. Gotta pamper those that remained in the show - as for the Chrysalis, she is one of my favourite, so the episode art character choice for this one was pretty obvious. I was also deciding between full armed discord mounted on flying pig and Trixie's "Tadaaa!" scene in the end, but then I had this awesome idea to do Chrysalis as Queen and Thorax as King and make a card out of it. Thought it might look quite cool. You be the judge :)
I don't write journals much, so this gotta be important, right? Right. 

Since I finished university and am currently unemployed, I need to put my time into getting job, rather than drawing commissions for fun. It's sad but that's life. There is a possible job on the horizon already, but even if I qualify, I cannot say how much time consuming it will be - first months will definitelly take a lot from me, so I just don't want you guys to wait half a year for commissions just because I have little time to attend them due to the job. And if it doesn't go well, I need to keep looking, which takes time and energy just as much. The people listed in the commission list are still a go, so don't think I bailed on ya'.

It's probably temporary, so don't worry too much. I'll reopen them once I ran out of requests, just so I have something to do in the spare time, but for now - it seems I'm gonna be busy for at least 50 days.

Again, I apologize and hope to be back really soon... and possibly finally with some new hardware :3


skodadav's Profile Picture
David Škoda
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Czech Republic
I'm just a person, who chose wrong school and would like to paint and animate stuff (ideally work in a game studio, like Moon Studio or something developing hand drawn graphics). SO currently, I'm a biomedical technician, and an engineer of biomedical and clinical devices, Czech technical university in Prague - yes, I'm from Czech Republic.

I roll with Wacom Intuos Pen Small since summer 2015, before that I dug vector graphics. I'd like to push my art to environments, such as forests and wild nature in general, but I started with characters and can definitelly do them too.

I specialize in crossovers of all kind, though lately I do MLP references, since I became heavily influenced last year, when I watched all of the show.

Commission info:


See one of my later journal entries (I don't really do new entries, so it should be quite on top). How it works - send me note via DA, what you want there, I'll consider it and write you back. I'll make sketch or sketches, depending on how many ideas I get and how much I can manage to do in my free time and send it or them to you via notes, to pick one. Once you select one, I'll work on it as soon as I get to it. At some point, I'll send you little preview, so you can see I did quite some work on it, ask for money on paypal and once I collect, I'll finish off the piece and send you the original image along with open data file (*.psd). I reserve right to post it in my gallery - I do embed dedications in the image and also in the title, so don't worry, you'll be mentioned ;)


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skodadav Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you all for your BD wishes. It means a lot knowing people still remember me, especially since I haven't really uploaded anything in almost half a year by now.

For that I have to apologize, since I got a job last November, I rarely found time and strength both to continue painting my own projects. On the occassions I did, I used it to do the work for my part time job (doing some posters and web for fitness community in Czech republic). 

The last "nail to the coffin" was my awesome decision to buy a new computer on a New Year. It sure helped a lot with the load on CPU and RAM usage troubles during painting huge canvases, but I found myself using those resources mostly for gaming. The initial excitement is, however, wearing off now, and as it fades, the inner need of putting myself out there again emerges. I see a comeback on the horizon :) Just a little longer and things will surely turn around for me.
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Všechno nejlepší! :)
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